Suicide Solution

While I was researching for a lesson, I bumped into this classic work of game art by Brody Condon. I remember seeing it at the time, but then forgot about it. Suicide Solution (2004)  is a compilation of suicide scenes from various first and third-person video games.

Art Assault

Art Assault, by Paul Steen, is a graphic modification of a free open source FPS game, Assault Cube. The computer controlled bots are named after the 150 most successful living artists according to In Team Deathmatch mode the bots and the player are randomly parted into two teams, Inside and Outside, competing for domination of the exhibition space. The maps in the game are based on real life artist run galleries or alternative museums. The textures for the maps are all based on original photos, many from the actual place depicted, pictures that sometimes had to be taken behind the backs of security.

Archives: Netizens and L’oading

I took advantage of these calm midsummer days to dig into my analog archive and reverse some material that otherwise would be lost. I’m very proud to show you what I found!
Here are some videos that document my first two exhibitions, both organized between the end of 2002 and the beginning of 2003. They’re television reviews, so sometimes the voice over tells naive or even wrong stuff, and they’re available only in italian, but nonetheless…
I was younger, slimmer and full of enthusiasm :-)

The first two videos are about “Netizens. Cittadini della rete” (december 2002), a small show I curated in a private gallery in Rome. The show was not just about net art, but about making art in the age of the Internet, and more precisely, it tried to demostrate how important was for this new community of young artists to share a citizenship: the web citizenship.
Artists: Cory Arcangel/BEIGE, Elout De Kok,, Limiteazero, Carlo Zanni
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The third video is a review of “L’oading. Videogiochi Geneticamente Modificati” (Genetically Modified Videogames). This show was open from January to March 2003 at the Siracusa City Museum, in Sicily and it was, as the title suggests, about artistic modifications of videogames.
I’m particularly happy that this video exists because this exhibition didn’t have a catalogue, so there’s no documentation around, and I think it was a great project.
Artists: Mauro Ceolin, Brody Condon, Arcangel Costantini, Corby&Baily, Delire, Victor Liu See-Lee, Nullpointer, Chiara Passa, Retroyou, Gentian Skhurti
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Enjoy the jump in the past :-)