The Breakfast Machine

The Breakfast Machine

“Hollywood directors dreamed of it: the breakfast machine. Imagine a contraption that sets a chain reaction in motion at the push of a button, frying eggs, juicing oranges, brewing coffee, making toast, and serving it all on a plate with jam, meat and cheese. What a perfect way to start the day!…”

The Breakfast Machine, by Yuri Suzuki and Masa Kimura for Platform21. More photos here

The Tree

Sebastian Errazuriz, The Tree
The Tree (2006), is an artwork by Sebastian Errazuriz:

“A 10-meter high, real magnolia tree planted in the center of Chile’s National Stadium where dictator Pinochet tortured political prisoners 30 years ago. For a week the stadium was open to the public as a park. A soccer match played before 15,000 people, with the tree in the middle, was the closure of the piece.”

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Golden Aliens

Common Task

Common Task is a project by Pawel Althamer.

“Common Task is a documented group activity, a social sculpture, realised within the science – fiction formula. The artistic project is a combination of an activity performed in public spaces with the social aspects such as exclusion related to the systemic transformation process, self-organisation and bottom-up initiatives which may change the world and shape the future. In broader terms, the Project alludes to the ideals of freedom and solidarity.

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The Fox in the Museum

Francis Alys, Nightwatch

In 2004, Francis Alÿs collaborated with the National Portrait Gallery to create a piece generated by the gallery’s state-of-the-art internal CCTV system. Surveillance cameras observe a fox exploring the Tudor and Georgian rooms of the Gallery at night…

Conceptual terrorism

Un grattacielo avvolto in 18 milioni di tonnellate di gelatina alla fragola…

“Your outdated ideas of what terrorism is have been challenged,” an unidentified, disembodied voice announces following the video’s first 45 minutes of random imagery set to minimalist techno music. “It is not your simple bourgeois notion of destructive explosions and weaponized biochemical agents. True terror lies in the futility of human existence.”

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*update: nel frattempo, in quel di Roma, la Fontana di Trevi diventa rosso sangue (o rosso carpet…) – fotovideo

Dentro al computer

Non so voi, ma a volte mentre lavoro al computer mi viene un insano desiderio di incorporeità. Vorrei, come dire, sospendere il mio rapporto con la fisicità per poter lavorare senza la distrazione del mal di schiena, dei formicolii e delle varie scomodità da postura sbagliata. Nathaniel Katz riflette sulla questione e propone un’alternativa. E se ci infilassimo, anche fisicamente, dentro al computer?

p.s. la causa della mia assenza è un ennesimo trasloco. ma se tutto va bene la casa stavolta dovrebbe essere quella definitiva…

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