2013 / Arcobloggers @ Arco Madrid


Arco Bloggers
ARCO Fair, Madrid, 16 febbraio 2013
Talk: “Contemporary art: online tools and strategies”


ARCO Bloggers
 meeting is led by Roberta Bosco, a journalist specialised in contemporary art, and Stefano Caldana, a journalist specialising in digital culture, co-creators of the El Arte en la Edad del Silicio(Art in the Silicon Age) blog published on ElPais.com.

ARCO Bloggers is a project that aims to offer a dynamic look at the contemporary art scene and its main players from the perspective of the format and phenomenon of contemporary art blogs. The goal is to discover and analyse the new characteristics and dynamics of information and art criticism in a moment of transition between analogue and digital media.

Thus, seminars under the slogan “Contemporary art: online tools and strategies” will be held in order to analyse and discuss the creation and dissemination of information and art criticism over the Internet. The debate panels will include leading contemporary art bloggers like Allegra Burnette, creative director of digital media at MoMA; Jason DaPonte, managing editor at BBC Mobile; Anna de Golferichs, art blogger;Pilar DM, blogger, cultural and digital op-ed writer; Rui Guerra, artist, teacher, online strategy developer;Montaña Hurtado Muñoz, blogger and art historian; Carlos Jiménez, essayist, art critic and blogger;Nicola Mariani, blogger, sociologist and independent critic; Juan Martín Prada, teacher and essayist;Evan Roth, artist, researcher and activist; Anne & Michael Spalter, collectors of digital art and bloggers, and Valentina Tanni, art critic, curator and blogger.

The digital platform for this meeting is also live on the ARCO Bloggers space (arcobloggers.com) as a participatory online editorial experience leading up to ARCOmadrid 2013.