Art Army

Michael Leavitt ha costruito un esercito di action-figures dedicate a personaggi (vivi e morti) del mondo dell’arte, della musica e dello spettacolo. Sono tutti pezzi fatti a mano e c’è anche la versione statuina da torta…

“Living artists are just as good as dead ones. Starving artists are skinny and cranky. Hungry artists get paid. People don’t just need food to survive. We’re tired of eating what we’re fed. There are warriors that bleed for no metal, and a battle that’s actually worth fighting for at home, inside us all. The Art Army® fights for passion, at war for the rest of us.”

[via eyebeam]

Canzone della domenica

I’ve been working on a piece that speak of sex and desperation
I’ve been screwing on the tracks of abandoned track stations

One, two, three, four
Art Star
I got a deal in Tokyo
I got a rep in France
I got a agent in Rome
Shit i got a gallery in New York!
Its a mad house this modern life
Its a mad house my faithless bride
Art Star

(Art Star, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, 2001 – mp3)