My Favourite Landscape

Paul Destieu, My Favourite Landscape, 2007:

“My Favourite Landscape is made of 500 70 x 50 cm offset prints. It is a reappropriation of the well known Windows XP desktop : Green Hill. Taking advantage of the weakness of the computer, it sets the common bug out of its context, on a wall, expending it to a much bigger scale. The famous picture finds a new landscape shape out of its usual frame.”

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10 types of contemporary artworks we had enough of

This is a first draft, I’ll be working more on this list, then publish it as a complete guide to contemporary art new cliches. Maybe.

In the meantime, feel free to add yours!

1. people covered up in paint

2. minimal concrete sculptures

3. upside down stuff

4. miniaturized stuff

5. sliced stuff

6. neon light written stuff (especially literary quotes)

7. works unveiling art system’s contradictions

8. underwater stuff

9. invisible works of art

10. all kinds of pranks (you’re not funny)

update: here are some interesting addictions that popped up in my facebook profile:

11. skulls or other “cool” objects covered in diamonds (Manolo Remiddi)

12. all videostuff with “talking heads” (Aristarkh Chernyshev)

13. performance art involving nude bodies (Alexei Shulgin)

update n.2
Bruce Sterling just made his comments on the list, and added a very good one:

n.14 electronic-art installations with snarled, kinky, foot-snagging wiring


The work of Brazilian photographer Diego Kuffer:

“Photography only lets you capture instants (even long exposures are only blurred instants). So, I hacked the idea of photography, mixing together many photos of the same scene into a single one, slicing and dicing the images and putting them back together, chronologically. I call the grammar behind it ‘chrono cubism.'”

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Art Assault

Art Assault, by Paul Steen, is a graphic modification of a free open source FPS game, Assault Cube. The computer controlled bots are named after the 150 most successful living artists according to In Team Deathmatch mode the bots and the player are randomly parted into two teams, Inside and Outside, competing for domination of the exhibition space. The maps in the game are based on real life artist run galleries or alternative museums. The textures for the maps are all based on original photos, many from the actual place depicted, pictures that sometimes had to be taken behind the backs of security.