Dream Captcha

Dream Captcha, by Jeffery Augustine:

“The Dream Catcher belongs to the Native Americans who use it to capture negative energy and evil spirits during sleep. But now instead of wickedness, the Dream Captcha is protecting spam from reaching your brain and driving you mad”.

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Ain’t nothin’ like computer love

Lil Kim

Be sure to read ALL the lyrics. Featuring: Myspace, Gmail, iPhone, Youtube and much more!!! Oh, and yes, “download” is a metaphor…

“Three o’clock in the morning we be online
Others send friend requests but they get denied
He type I miss you
I type back to let him know the feeling’s mutual

It’s just Myspace love but it’s beautiful
He love to watch my videos on YouTube
Hey, it’s like everytime I log on I get so turned on
Computer love playin’ in the back”



songsincode tries to display either a title of a song or part of its lyrics (as some songs are more known by the refrain than their title – for example there is no such thing as “all the lonely people” by The Beatles) in code. This could be PHP, JavaScript or any other language…”

Rippy Clippy

Qualcuno l’ha definita “the most annoying thing in computer history“. Altri (pochi a dire la verità), un po’ la rimpiangono. Ma chi potrà mai dimenticarla? Clippy (la molesta paperclip-assistente di Word) non c’è più. E c’è chi gli rende omaggio

Clippy Gets Clipped (youtube)
I’m not writing a fucking letter! (youtube)
Attack of the Clippy (youtube)

Fisso o legnatile?

Ricordate l’iPod de legno? Arrivano dalla Russia delle fantastiche foto di interi computer (case, monitor, mouse) fatti di legno. Perfettamente funzionanti. I portatili con il case proveniente da ex-cassette di vino siciliano (li costruisce l’italiano asbesto) invece sono stati ribattezzati “legnatili“. Per chi volesse risparmiare mantenendo un look aristocratico può farsi aerografare un normale pc con la texture preferita.

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