The side-effects that tends to get us

“The only appropriate response is the most profound ambivalence. That’s what we owe new technologies: we have to teach ourselves to be absolutely ambivalent about them, and mainly we have to teach ourselves to imagine their inadvertent side-effects. Because the inadvertent side-effects are the side-effects that tends to get us”

(William Gibson, 1997)

Reality Shifters

I recently discovered the existence of “reality shifting”. In brief, thousands of people – mostly teenagers – claim to be able to jump to (and live in) alternative realities, in some kind of lucid dream, after having carefully scripted it all. There are different suggested methods for shifting, which sometimes are simple and sometimes very complex. The most popular alternative reality (DR – desired reality) is Hogwarts, the Harry Potter school of magic, where some people claim to have spent weeks. TikTok and YouTube are full of these videos and I literally can’t stop watching them.