PAINT FX is a painting collective/ club/ company/ brand/ website/ blog/ party consisting of Jon RafmanMicah Schippa and Parker Ito.

“We’re kinda like Jogging meets Poster Company meets shiny stuff, but we’re way juicier.  Each work featured on the site is intended to belong to the brand PAINT FX as opposed to the individual who created the work.  Maybe we’ll outsource some work too.  We started the project because we were popping huge boners off of juicy gestural marks and we thought it would be fun and easy to make a lot of those.  But PAINT FX doesn’t favor styles or themes, but favors shiny computer screens.  In that way we’re like the “Cool School” (Finish Fetish) or maybe we are the “Too Kewl School”.  We don’t all live in California, but we can be categorized geographically (the Internet, duhhhhhhhhhh!).   It should also be noted that PAINT FX favors quantity over quality. The content of these paintings is mostly determined by the software’s capabilities – Art Rage, Photoshop, Corel Painter etc.  I think we’re very interested in “materials and materiality”, but we slip in some painting references every once and a while (Josh Smith, Roy Lichtenstein, Warhol?).  In order to fully appreciate this project one must consider the site, the software, and the potential for these paintings to be transformed into objects (hint, hint).(Note: The statement for PAINT FX was written by Parker Ito, and may not necessarily reflect the perspectives of other participating members.)”

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