Well Wishes My Love, Your Love

This short animated film is absolutely mesmerizing.

Newly orphaned and freshly wounded from a loss, a boy lends his friend a prosthetic arm for the day. The friend records the limb being exposed to different textures and materials, documenting the process. As the moon inches closer and closer towards the sun, the friend sees something unusual reflected on the water’s surface… What will become of the limb, and of the video recordings?

Animation and music by GABRIEL GABRIEL GARBLE

Babbo Gesù

Questo è il christian rock che sognavamo. Ma che non ci azzardavamo nemmeno ad immaginare. Un po’ di atmosfera natalizia in anticipo ce la regalano i Sin Destroyers, la “rock band più cristiana del mondo”. Il videoclip di Gifts to the world racconta come Gesù Cristo si sia sacrificato affinchè ognuno di noi possa ricevere i balocchi di natale…

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