The Rise of the Online Gallery

The Rise of the Online Gallery :

Paddy Jonhson discusses the rise of a new kind of art gallery. Brad Troemel dubbed this spaces as “Dual Sites”: 

“Thus, internet art is marked by the compulsive urge of searching (or, surfing) to connect with others in a way that is not directed by privatized interests, but found and shared among individuals.[1] The Dual Site is an institution born from this individuated system of relating with one another. It is an exhibition space symptomatic of The Physical and The Digital’s comingling– an example of how art, like life itself, now exists somewhere between the two.”


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This Title is an Artwork of Mine


This is the first thing I saw arriving in Copenhagen. We were just strolling around the city, when I saw the Overgaden Gallery sign and decided to take a look. Established in 1986 by a group of local artists, Overgaden is a really interesting no-profit space for contemporary art, with a program of ten exhibition per year. Currently they are working on the new one, but last week I managed to see an amazing solo show by Pind, a young danish artist. His works plays tricks on the visitor’s mind, calling into question our sense of consciousness, perception, and reality itself…

I create you – you create me. I recognise myself in your thoughts, and you recognise yourself in mine. In this way, we mutually confirm our existence towards each other. (Pind)

press realease and photos
exhibition folder (pdf)