Karaoke Torii

Karaoke Torii (2017), by Benoit Maubrey

300 recycled loudspeakers, Bluetooth receivers, microphone, line in, 1 amplifier. A 4-channel speaker system allows the public to express themselves directly via a microphone, a line in or their smart phones and wireless technology.

Commissioned by Kamiyama Artist Residency Program (KAIR) , Japan
12′ x 15′ x 2′ – Also commissioned by the Kobe Biennale 2015

Augmented Photography

Augmented Photography is a project by Varvara Guljajeva:

“When it is spoken about interactive or augmented photography then immediately one has in mind the representation of photos in digital format (on computer or phone screen, projection, etc) that are manipulated through software or any other code. Yes, the interactive pictures can react on our touch, voice, weather, or whatever. But those interactive photos are still just pixels.

My artwork – Augmented Photography – is not about pixels. It is about re-thinking printed photography. Current artwork is more than a framed picture – it has its behavior and it is able to react on observers.

I am adding liveliness to a doll on the picture through eye movements. If none is looking at the picture the doll’s eyes are closed. Only time-to-time, she is waking up and asking for attention. When the photograph is approached, the doll on the picture opens her eyes and starts to blink to a viewer or just stare on him/her for a while. Hence, the artwork has different behaviors that could be explored by observing the picture for a while.”

Play with me

Provate a giocare con la bambolina di Van Sowerwine. C’è poco da entusiasmarsi per questa animazione interattiva. Perchè lei rimarrà sempre, irrimediabilmente, sola. E voi correte il rischio di essere assaliti dal rimorso…


I lavori di Kelly Dobson parlano del rapporto tra esseri umani e macchine. Le sue tecnologie hanno comportamenti espressivi ed empatici, reagiscono agli stimoli, sembrano confrontarsi con l’umano. Blendie è un frullatore anni Cinquanta modificato in modo da interagire con il suono della voce:

In Blendie a mix of design, art, engineering, and psychotherapy inform the interaction facilitated between participants and the familiar blender. An empathic opportunity is made manifest emphasizing and utilizing the aspects of blenders that are not what have been traditionally designed into them intentionally – i.e. their incredible sound and vibration – but that nevertheless have large roles in our interaction and approach to them.