The Stuntman

Ormer Locklear was a stunt pilot who made movies for Hollywood. This pic is from his second movie (The Skywayman, 1920) which he was the star of and did his own stunts for. He pulled this stunt off successfully, but he died doing a different stunt on the last day of filming. They used the footage of his crash in the movie. The movie is currently lost.

How to Disappear

“How to Disappear is an anti-war movie in the true sense of the word, searching for possibilities for peace in the most unlikely place of an online war game. It’s a tribute to disobedience and desertion – in both digital and physical-real warfare.”

Nick Cave and The Museum of Important Shit


“Nick Cave, the musician best known for his work with The Bad Seeds, was inspired to help create this online museum during the filming of his quasi-autobiographical documentary 20,000 Days on Earth. Cave, along with directors Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard, began thinking about the nature of memorabilia, inspired by his own experience at a Nina Simone performance of yesteryear and a wad of chewing gum.”

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Starring the Computer

Starring the Computer is a website dedicated to the use of computers in film and television. Each appearance is catalogued and rated on its importance (ie. how important it is to the plot), realism (how close its appearance and capabilities are to the real thing) and visibility (how good a look does one get of it). Fictional computers don’t count (unless they are built out of bits of real computer), so no HAL9000 – sorry.”

Tim, il Leone e la palla

Allora, io non amo le ricorrenze, ma per il Tim Burton Day farò un’eccezione. Per celebrare degnamente vi lascio il link a questo meraviglioso video dei migliori momenti di Ed Wood.

E ora ridete: nell’intervista Tim ha detto, a proposito dell’Oscar, “Bald, naked, man” e le maggiori testate italiane hanno tradotto “uomo nudo su una palla”? (corriere, repubblica). Quale sarebbe l’aggettivo? Balled? Il bello è che, non vedendo la famosa palla sotto la statuina dell’Oscar, hanno provato a sistemare con “specie di base circolare”. Traduzione creativa…