Complicated beauty

Al Fotomuseum di Winterthur (Zurigo), è in corso una retrospettiva dedicata a Gregory Crewdson. Sempre magico, inquietante, lucidissimo. Le sue immagini sono still da film mai girati…

“The thing that is important to me is that I want a sense of complicated beauty: not a beauty that is purely seductive or elegant. My pictures reside in the collision between my irrational need to make a perfect world, and the impossibility of doing so. I want them to be psychologically fraught with certain anxieties or fears or desires.”

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  1. placeboKatz

    he´s a hero

    Wonder what would happen if he starts making movies. Would he fail like Cindy Sherman?


  2. Raimundo Rubio

    After reading the text in The Sunday Times Magazine I have choose the same paragraph for my blog without reading yours.I link yours if you don´t mind.

  3. Valentina

    I hope not to see any movie by crewdson ;-)
    thanks for linking me, raimondo


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