Ellero Dual Death and Visual Ecosystem

Ellero Dual Death and Visual Ecosystem (Duplice morte Ellero ed ecosistema visivo) is a project by Riccardo Arena:

“Project B – “Ellero Dual Death and Visive Ecosystem “ (DM) has been developed through a narrative scheme built on the reorganization of a series of investigations which, through visual and textual anatomy, reflect on the concepts of identity, individuation and equality at a historical and symbolic level. The logic of the narrative is structured through an “archive paradigm”, within which, studies, journals, notes and views are rearranged in a kaleidoscopic game of substitution and rearrangement of parts.
The project foresees the making of a video 30/40 minutes long associated with a series of art works made with different techniques and a book that will state the stages of the development of the project.”

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