An open letter to Apple

“an open letter to Apple + experimental prosumer manifesto on the issues of planned obsolescence, upgrade culture, technological self-reliance, control and copying. A [re]mix/make of Phil Morton’s 1976 video tape ‘General Motors’, in which contemporary Chicago [dirty] new media artists explain their love && hate relationship with the ‘default art computer’. by Nick Briz, copy<it>right 2013″

2 Comments An open letter to Apple

  1. Juno

    This voices the thoughts I’ve been having about Apple in the past few months. To quote myself, Apple have had their peak oil moment. Shame, really, the hardware is great, if only they stopped trying to take over the world… I’ve also stopped buying stuff from iTunes, as usually when I buy something I actually want to own it for real, not just while it’s ‘compatible’.

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