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“In Moon Score (1975-1979), Hitoshi Nomura photographed the moon on film marked with five lines (like staff paper). The project was supposedly inspired by Nomura spotting the moon moving behind telephone wires. In an early exhibition of the piece, visitors began to hum the “score”, and later exhibitions featured a CD with a string quartet or chorus performing the score. Later Nomura made a similar series called ‘birds’ photographing just birds.” You can listen to the music here.


You think it’s your bandwidth…

Yung Jake singing about datamoshing and making animated gifs…

“you think it’s connection you think it’s your bandwidth
but its me. i’ll steal your bitch like a bandit
see me on YouTube. fucking with video
find me on world star. find me on Vimeo
im not on PhotoBooth. that shit’s different
cuz dey told me to step out of the frame but i didnt”

[via kottke]

The Analog Tele-Phonographer, a Mobile Phone Sound Amplifier

Analog tele phonographer 20110329 142149

Christopher Locke created The Analog Tele-Phonographer, a mobile phone sound amplifier made using a broken trumpet:

This device was made from a salvaged trumpet and assorted machine parts. The base is steel, the legs that hold everything up are stainless steel, and the cradle that holds the telephone is also steel. The horn is brass. All of the steel has been treated with a brown patina, and the entire unit has been coated with a gloss clear coat.

(Via Laughing Squid)

Cathedral Scan

Blake Carrington turns Gothic cathedrals into sound:

“Groups of scanners filling the sonic spectrum may act in synch, forming a single harmonically-dense rhythm, or they may scan the plans at different speeds, resulting in complex polyrhythms. Each plan is treated as a modular score, with a distinct rhythm and timbre of its own. Also, by varying the speed and intensity of each scanning group, drone-like sounds may emerge based on the ‘resonant frequency’ of the black and white plan.”



Thom Yorke balla

Non sono passate nemmeno 24 ore dalla pubblicazione online del video di Lotus Flower, singolo del nuovo, atteso disco dei Radiohead, ma Thom Yorke che balla è già diventato un meme. Qui sotto trovate l’originale  e le derivazioni (in continuo aumento)…

Ah, c’è anche un Tumblr Blog a tema: Dancing Thom.