Untitled Painting

“In his one piece domain Untitled Painting (www.untitledpainting.com), Thomas Traum has embedded searchable satellite imagery from Google as the substrate for abstraction and for painting on top of, you can click away. He says it is in part inspired by the late 1980’s overpainted photographs of Gerhard Richter, which is more or less apparent, yet where Richter’s tourist photo style backdrop’s are fixed, Traums locations are fluid.”

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Archives: Netizens and L’oading

I took advantage of these calm midsummer days to dig into my analog archive and reverse some material that otherwise would be lost. I’m very proud to show you what I found!
Here are some videos that document my first two exhibitions, both organized between the end of 2002 and the beginning of 2003. They’re television reviews, so sometimes the voice over tells naive or even wrong stuff, and they’re available only in italian, but nonetheless…
I was younger, slimmer and full of enthusiasm :-)

The first two videos are about “Netizens. Cittadini della rete” (december 2002), a small show I curated in a private gallery in Rome. The show was not just about net art, but about making art in the age of the Internet, and more precisely, it tried to demostrate how important was for this new community of young artists to share a citizenship: the web citizenship.
Artists: Cory Arcangel/BEIGE, Elout De Kok, Jodi.org, Limiteazero, Carlo Zanni
more info: http://www.netizensonline.it/2002

The third video is a review of “L’oading. Videogiochi Geneticamente Modificati” (Genetically Modified Videogames). This show was open from January to March 2003 at the Siracusa City Museum, in Sicily and it was, as the title suggests, about artistic modifications of videogames.
I’m particularly happy that this video exists because this exhibition didn’t have a catalogue, so there’s no documentation around, and I think it was a great project.
Artists: Mauro Ceolin, Brody Condon, Arcangel Costantini, Corby&Baily, Delire, Victor Liu See-Lee, Nullpointer, Chiara Passa, Retroyou, Gentian Skhurti
more info: https://www.valentinatanni.com/2008/07/2003-loading-videogiochi-geneticamente-modificati/

Enjoy the jump in the past :-)


PAINT FX is a painting collective/ club/ company/ brand/ website/ blog/ party consisting of Jon RafmanMicah Schippa and Parker Ito.

“We’re kinda like Jogging meets Poster Company meets shiny stuff, but we’re way juicier.  Each work featured on the site is intended to belong to the brand PAINT FX as opposed to the individual who created the work.  Maybe we’ll outsource some work too.  We started the project because we were popping huge boners off of juicy gestural marks and we thought it would be fun and easy to make a lot of those.  But PAINT FX doesn’t favor styles or themes, but favors shiny computer screens.  In that way we’re like the “Cool School” (Finish Fetish) or maybe we are the “Too Kewl School”.  We don’t all live in California, but we can be categorized geographically (the Internet, duhhhhhhhhhh!).   It should also be noted that PAINT FX favors quantity over quality. The content of these paintings is mostly determined by the software’s capabilities – Art Rage, Photoshop, Corel Painter etc.  I think we’re very interested in “materials and materiality”, but we slip in some painting references every once and a while (Josh Smith, Roy Lichtenstein, Warhol?).  In order to fully appreciate this project one must consider the site, the software, and the potential for these paintings to be transformed into objects (hint, hint).(Note: The statement for PAINT FX was written by Parker Ito, and may not necessarily reflect the perspectives of other participating members.)”

net.art is dead! Long live pop.net.art!

“net.art never died! It just moved to your local Internet-shop!”. An exhibition project by Aram Bartholl

“Hit an Internet-cafe, rent all computers they have and run a show on them for one night. All art works of the participating artists need to be on-line (not necessarily public) and are shown in a typical browser with standard plug-ins. Performance and life pieces may also use pre-installed communication programs (instant messaging, VOIP, video chat etc). Custom software (except browser add-ons) or off-line files are not permitted. Any creative physical modification to Internet cafe itself is not allowed. The show is public and takes place during normal opening hours of the Internet cafe/shop. All visitors are welcome to join the opening, enjoy the art (and to check their email.)”

SPEED SHOW manifest by Aram Bartholl 2010

Redefining Exhibition in the Digital Age

Jogging is an art collective that displays immaterial works of art and writing on the Internet:

“In an MIT lecture last year, Michael Mittleman stated that between 90 and 95% of an artist’s audience will see their work through documentation. Art cannot exist without an audience, as it relies on media for its existence as art. With today’s burgeoning potential for digital mass viewership, transmission becomes as important as creation. Contemporary online artists are aware of this fact and seek to actively make use of its potential. Dematerialization is not an oppressive suffocation of art but a possibility for art to flourish in disparate and progressive discourses. The web offers infinite room for expansion and participation unlimited by the more severe constraints of space and finance.” (Redefining Exhibition in the Digital Age)

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