The Tree

Sebastian Errazuriz, The Tree
The Tree (2006), is an artwork by Sebastian Errazuriz:

“A 10-meter high, real magnolia tree planted in the center of Chile’s National Stadium where dictator Pinochet tortured political prisoners 30 years ago. For a week the stadium was open to the public as a park. A soccer match played before 15,000 people, with the tree in the middle, was the closure of the piece.”

[via iheartmyart]

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  1. david boardman

    I didn’t know about this project but really like the intervention in that context and the football match performance that reminds me the infamous game Chile – USSR in 1973 that Russians boycotted against Pinocho regime (

    Also, the 15000 spectators numerically correspond to the overall amount of political prisoners that were tortured in the stadium…

    A nice documentary on Estadio Nacional by Carmen Luz Parot

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